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29-янв-2017 01:04 pm - Freebies in Consulting, take 2
pic: None Off the Charge

Can you imagine going to a physician, and not paying a thing? Oh, well, ObamaCare pays for you.

It's harder than just a mental exercise. Any consultant can work for free, as words doesn't cost a thing, but would he?

There's fixed cost of nourishing, lodging, self-improving, entertaining, and profiting. These are essential to every man or woman. And they must be paid. The last constitutes consulting cost.

But could I lower the price?


Firstly, you train your customers to pay low, to beg discount, or to pose cheap. The price could varies on the income of a customer, but it's must be based on real data, not just overlooking the dress.

Secondly, any variation in price shall be preferably paid by some being. Else you could easily run into unpaid bills for you.

Once again: it's really bad to drop the price. Whether you are a single person or a company. It hurts the business and doesn't pay your bills.

Another question is how to set the price (as it could float to the extremes.) It's best to know the market, your place on this, and your concurrents. But it is perfectly huge topic, I cannot answer in this article.

Customer Service

Sometimes consulting is posed as a customer service. What's the difference?

Firstly, it's pre-paid in bundle with other products. This means limits on time and efforts spend on single customer. They may be pretty high, compared to literal price of a unit, but the head office ordering Customer Service shall take measures to not overbook.

Secondly, it's sold by Freebies in Real Production rules, as part of a unit. Even if unit is Intellectual Property as Windows 10, the Customer Service cannot be free off the charge. Someone must pay.

Happily, there are always many sides interesting in Customer Service, and it almost always possible to find one to pay. But the restrictions on the customers might be set.

Dip into Intellectual Property

What if you would built a database with automatic search by question, and sell it?

Viola, you are on IP side of freebies now. And can distribute it for free (for some.)

Essentially, every teaching on juniors, writing a spec or an instruction, or recording a primer, is a dip into IP. And this is exactly how consulting can lower the price.


If you do consulting, never drop the price.

I said before, and I'll repeat: someone must pay. Unless, you step into IP side. In this case make sure a consumer is informed that it isn't customised, neither precise, and customised and precise can be found at your office.
29-янв-2017 01:02 pm - Freebies in Real Production
Продолжаю постить статьи для LinkedIn, поскольку он у меня заблокирован.

pic:Some off the charge

Today Microsoft sells Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 with a discount, dropping as much as £195. It's not Black Friday, definitely. But a drop nevertheless.

Why do they do it? I think, you agree with me, not only out of generosity. Let me dig down.

The drop relates to cheaper models. Black Friday sale related to more expensive ones. Obviously, the sale is trying to cover all the consumer segments, so everyone wishing for precise model can buy it with a discount eventually. Or, by other angle, Black Friday one had sold gross of units and someone in consumer world noticed it, going to buy what they want. Rich ones get it without discount, and upstart get it cheaper.

Why is it ever possible?

Well, Surface units don't grow on trees like Intellectual Property, isn't it?

One of first economy University lesson, at least for me, is that there are peaks of ideal production on cost-per-unit to unit number graph. So it is more viable to produce, say, 35m of Surfaces Pro 4 or 46m, than 40m.

The surplus goes to sale.

Essentially, Microsoft loses around 20% off the charge, but saves around 30% in production costs.

It's simple: you either cargo up 3 freighters, than 3 and a half more and running around dividing loading and unloading with ABB. And transporting costs is production ones too. Count in shipping, they too have peaks of ideal production (fourteen-and-half logistic centres or just fifteen?)

Fixed costs arithmetics

Time to fixed and variable costs to enter. Wikipedia says fixed cost consist of salary and rent, and has a nifty graph displaying total cost calculation, which has absolutely no relation to the real world as there's no peaks of ideal production.

In reality, majority of fixed cost consists of lease, price of units of other manufacturers, property tax and management and consulting fees. They are called "fixed" as paid non-dependent on what production goes into the facility, if some at all.

But you probably say: "I can lease surplus factories and freighters!" Yes, this where peaks of ideal production comes from, we have discussed it in the previous section.

Variable cost on one production line of a facility is almost always proportional to the numbers of units produced. But only by the matter of one production line. When lines are combined, the peaks arises. And problems too, that's why you will need management and consulting fees if go to production.

There's not an easy question: do you need to lower fixed cost and rise variable ones of vice versa? First gives you unit stocks, the second rises cost of a unit and gives you greater operability.

But nevertheless you are able to set some off the charge.

Service is taken in account

Though, there's one more component of the equation: the service fees to you.

Microsoft Store has Microsoft Complete in. What it is? Extended warranty covering free lessons and free replacement, I got it.

But what it really is? An Intellectual Property! Sold in bundle. That's why Microsoft allows a customer to buy Surface Pro 4 without it as I told in Freebies in Intellectual Property.

Wait! It has price close to the discount! So Microsoft, essentially offers a customer to buy Microsoft Complete for free.

As I explained in Freebies in Intellectual Property, the IP has not term to wear down. And the real production unit has. So service allows to you to rule over the life-cycle of a unit.


Don't be fooled by comparison of Windows 10 and Surface Pro 4. Thise are different products. First is IP, second is real production. They are sold in one Store, but the price policy is completely different in both cases.

There is Customer Support fees, additionally. But I will cover them in Freebies in Consulting.
Вообщем, я уже не знаю что хуже: ЖЖ, который переехал в Россию и ширится Ольгоботами, или Dreamwidth, который отвечает мне 503 при попытке зарегать аккаунт.

Оба фашисты.

А лучше Twitter.
12-янв-2017 06:19 pm - Betrayal
Many people talk about how betrayal is bad, but what it really is?

What cannot be considered a betrayal

First, war. When armies clash, either on battlefield or in convention centre, it's essential to consider the right to fight the enemy.

Else you, the reader, shall be complete pacifist, which I guess, not a case.

And it's clearly oathbreaking in "kill not" sense.

Second, civil war. I don't need to explain it to USA readers, definitely. And to UK (not GB,) considering Fourth English Civil War.

Though, it's clearly oathbreaking in both cases.

Third, squall. Even worse would be if the adversarial comes unanswered, by many moral laws system it equals to pleading guilty.

Though, it may be oathbreaking in respect the authority case.

Fourth, retribution. If you were robbed, it's your right to petition for accusation and the return, or, in case of law of prairie, to take back your goods and punish the infringer.

What is a betrayal?

It's a hate crime. Not undermining (though it's too a pity), but crime out of hate and little else.

Pure hate, not retribution, leads to betrayal.

Betrayal is always covert, as if everyone hates you, it's a war.

And it's always going to bring pain, as it's a purpose of hate, not a squall. The pain is made inevitable, and part of hate, by which hater reliefs.

That four paragraphs are all.
Журнал должен заполняться от «лидов», как в CRM.

Чё-то там откоментить не получается.

Журнал должен заполняться от «лидов», как в CRM.

То есть ссылка на план урока. Там тема, домашка, педагог[и], комментарий, список по плану, также ссылка на шаблон плана. Тему и домашку показать в основной форме для справки.

Далее список учеников, желательно по плану мест и выключатели на каждом, шириной с всего, чтобы отметить отсутствующих. Возможно, блокирующиеся вскоре после начала.

Для проставления отметок: кнопка, которая превращает выключатели на учениках в кнопку диалога (всплывающего снизу). Там можно поставить оценку и написать за что и коммент (именно две эти позиции).

А таблоид оставить для заучей, как отчет.
9-дек-2016 06:19 am - 2116
Придумал новый тег, по аналогии с plakhovа 2017.

Считаю, очень подходит моему журналу.
Посколько LinkedIn заблокировали, я не успел выложить написанный пост. Выкладываю тут.

By many a lawyer seems like a fireman: a litigator who remove troubles arose unexpectedly. So is redundant. Anyway, the essential laws are intuitive, so everyone knows what belong to him.

But let's look at world without lawyers:

A World without Lawyers

There was such world, which has been studied properly. First, at Ancient Greece. Second, in Medieval Europe.

Both have laws, indeed. But they prescribed punishments and procedure, rather than *modus operandi*, and other rules prescribing under what conditions the action or inaction is deemed an infringement.

Was it good? Actually, yes, from this time's point of view. It was better than not having laws.

But there was questions to answer, primarily: What portion of punishment should apply, if not a whole? Can a perfectly reasonable action be deemed inlawful, and inverse? Who is to prove?

In late realms this is was an issue to debate, but what can you do debating Pericles? An once again: on what grounds should the process reside?

The usual example is conflicting intentions: if a pedestrian walks across the road, stumbles and stand up, and there's line of carriages approaching, should first carriage stop and risk collision with the next? The answer differs in Modern times, and is decided on a whim in the world without lawyers.

A Big Change

During Ancient Rome and Renaissance England one simple thing was recognised:

It is better to have obscure, but predictable rules, than straight, but unpredictable ones.

Same times it collided with delegation issue, and the new profession, lawyer, was born.

Lawyer is not just delegation issue, neither a lawyer a litigator. Rather, the need of rules programming, on their turn required the special profession, who can discern and influence the rules.

It's not the same as SMM profession, with all due respect: law cannot be practiced by an non-professional, even at low speed. But it's perfectly fine to require a clear explanation from lawyer, after all the law is a thing of real world.

Types of Lawyers

Maxim Dotsenko has proposed great classification of lawyers in Russian. It breaks down to following:

1. Hamsters

Workhorses who dig up piles of documents, check, recheck, do law work as part of manager work, and else. Don't able to do the whole law work, but, nevertheless, essential.

2. Peacocks

What by many understood as litigator: a person to squall and persuade. Usually, afraid of Hamsters work, but do not able to do lawyer, besides litigator, work on their own.

3. Sharks

Real lawyers. Able to lead a group of Peacocks and Hamsters, possible other Sharks, to achieve result. Finish compliance and other paper work.

4. Owls

Higher lawyers. Do templates of legal documents: contracts, other agreements, even write laws. Frequently works alone, or with help of hamsters. Does organise groups and lead them as a Shark.

Maxim also notes, that, to be successful at a tier, a lawyer should learn skills from all the previous.

My Very Unprofessional Opinion on Juries

Jury practice was created in Renaissance England as an instrument to promote Civil Society and an evolution of Trial by Combat.

It was successful in this times of desert of laws describing test of facts. The more develops the last, and more Jury was put under treat of punishment for unlawful decision, the more its actions become dependant on presiding Judge's words.

Also, the procedure of choosing had its influence. What it boils down is Judge Alsup's verdict (not Jury, which he influenced almost in any event) in Oracle v. Google case, creating precedent of not protecting API of code. Counting in the implied permission to "steal" the code by fully rewriting it, but preserving all the features, it is tremendous! It has reverted previous decisions, and later would be reverted. Does such thing is what we need from the Jury?

What could be, in corporate procedures, is business captains acting as Jury. They really could request lawyers an explanation, and judge on the legal grounds. But, anyway, they would not show up due to possible punishment for inlawful decision, and the nation has professionals to do the same job!

What it's in reality is PR machine acting as Jury and shifting the precedent to the public opinion.
19-сент-2016 07:10 am - Ещё про преподавание

Есть такая школа — ЛОГОС. Когда начался бум в IT (бакс вырос) чуваки поняли, что надо бы лохов разводить (разносчиков пицц) и создали школу. Сейчас уже немного поднялись, хорошее помещение имеют и всякие мероприятия организовывают. Но срать на это нужно. Основное в любых школах\курсах — это блеать преподаватели. Хуйня видел кухню изнутри. Сначала были более-менее адекватные мидлы, которые могли что-нибудь донести. Но последние 2 года — дети. Преподаватели — без опыта.

Может кто из них уже и работает, как джун на какой-нить галере. Но много кто начинал с преподавания. Это ппц. Как человек без опыта может учить другого?! Легко — приходи на говнокурсы и поймёшь как.
9-сент-2016 07:27 pm - Ну и ещё комментарии
Меня «пометили как спам», хотя пишу я один-два комментария в день максимум. Поэтому в журнале ответить не могу, отвечаю тут.


le 8 septembre 2016, 22:07:34 Edité : le 8 septembre 2016, 23:57:01 Vérifier Réduire Suivre
Вы утверждали: "Никакого «вот тебе миска — жри» в образовании быть не может." (отрицание возможности). Я показал, что не только может, но и реально так есть в конкретной системе образования. И, что я вижу как ответный аргумент?

Давайте на пальцах:
- утверждение: "серых мышей быть не может"
- возражение: "вижу множество серых мышей регулярно возле мусорки".
- ответ на возражение: "а как же наличие белых мышей в квартире моего приятеля"?

Вы действительно полагаете, что аргумент про Финляндию логически имеет отношение к тому, что я написал выше про российскую систему образования в ответ на вашу реплику о невозможности? Вы действительно учились в ФМШ?


le 9 septembre 2016, 19:17:01
Вы по-моему переучились бинарной логике и совсем не знаете русского языка.


В современном русском языке, специально для иностранцев, устойчивый оборот «Никакого (подлежащее) быть не может» означает неприятие, не принятие.

А все фотографы такие? А то это не первый случай. К petrosphotos и fotografersha не относится.

Ща из френдов кикну за пометку «спам».
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