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The Coin of Superstition (tr. to English)

Продолжаю серию переводов на английский очередным переводом моей старой конкурсной работы


Continuing to post a Russian-to-English translation of my contest's work.

The original

The Coin of Superstition

This gold coin looks pretty like any other. This other is for the state it found in. Though it worth really more than gold it contains in.

At first, if toss the coin and hold in the mind two variants the owner can do for observe and reverse, the coin will flip to the most favourable (for the coin point of view). The answer for "Nothing" is staying on the edge, for "No answer" is holding in air.

At second, "Money makes money" and "In for the penny, in for the pound". The character who bears the coin in his pouch holds it place when paying, he will get a chance to earn more money.

At third, the coin magnifies the good superstitions. For instance, if it's considered favourable in the game world to bear the bundle of reeds for hunting, then doing so will be lucky. It could be even a D&D3.x's True Strike on every attack while hunting (tr. comm. that was back in time, now I think it should be 6/day standard action spell-like.)

On other side, the bearer will be affected by the bad superstition. For instance, if character have crossed a black cat's path he will be cursed (for example, as usual effect of Bestow Curse.)

The owner could be and as usual do not aware of the coin's power. But become the owner deliberately almost impossible: the coin which doesn't like the new owner teleports to the old, and in pile of gold it cannot be distinguished from others (tr. comm. It guiles even Detect Magic and True Seeing, it's a rogue artefact after all.) On other hand, the coin can be lured by a great luck, or beat the past owner in the gamble, where the coin was the stake — the coin really favours this process.

After long partnership with the owner, the last will more trust the luck than his own, and he could feel uneasy not bearing it.
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