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Михаил Певзнер
Lawful Salesperson (LinkedIn) 
23-авг-2017 06:31 pm
You can be the best salesperson in the World by breaking the rules. But probably not.

These are the rules.

Law Zero: A Sale is a Necessary Aid

When I was kid I haven't a clue what PC (or notebook) specs would mean. I knew only the higher numbers the better, and I repeatedly run off the disk space.

If there was a company, offering either buying proposition to the needs, or the education, I will heartfelt love such a company.

Eventually I lay a grab on book detailing PC architecture while continuing learning Programming, and became an expert in the field.

I closely remembered the frustration feeling on buying new laptop, and... This is exactly where the sales profession appears!

Face it, you need the guide in the B2C or B2B world. Even if you are the expert, as I am, you need someone on account, to not mess in others' business.

Sales is the necessary aid.

Law One: You Cannot Sell Something that Doesn't Exist

Imagine woman crumbling under bags walks into your office. You quickly get to know she is repeatedly carries such a weight. And offer she a car.

You can offer Jeep, or shared car, or Uber. Doesn't matter.

If your office cannot deliver her the offer, there's no sale. Even more, she can get angry at you for 4 hours wasted detailing your office sells only trucks.

Most time this rule breaks in, you will lack the knowledge something goes wrong. So leave clues to the buyer, and investigate what has happened to, at least, every fifth offer.

If your office cannot deliver goods you see you can sell—Run! Run as fast as you can. You will not make neither reputation, nor money working here.

Law Two: You Cannot Trick Anymore

Russian police has little dirty tricks of their own. They offer you to sign innocent-looking paper, explaing receiving another paper or aid, and forgot to mention it is preceded by another paper. Then fire in the archive happen, and they lose that preceded paper. Explaining, for example, the plea bargain.

Weird? It is.

You can definitely trick your buyers, if, all of below:

* You don't care of being caught,
* You don't care of buyers being afraid to buy from you or your office,
* You have plain Evil alignment.

But then you are a despicable person.

NOTE: It has shown to be possible to defame good salespersons by dirty review or gossip. Hopefully, the defamation can be proved now.

Law Three: Never Close the Deal

You might not be the businessman, then it is for you:

The returning buyers are the income burden you not.

If you has assured your selection competencies to the buyer, leaved the contacts and not rushed to close the deal, you will happen to have calls back. Maybe you cannot sell from the office the goods required, but then remember Law One (and find the office able to sell.)

Not rushing to close the deal means not trying to trick the buyer, especially in what he will discover in few days. Additionally it means not setting stretch condition to the payment, but watch out for your bonus!

And once in a while you will receive call from the other coast at 5 AM, asking your advice to buy carbon water for sand pumps, or whatever.

Then you are a qualified lawful salesperson!
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